About Us

We use an all-natural, organic, DRY FOAM cleaning process that hasn't been available in the Yakima Valley until now! (We have been using this process since 1986)

Instead of soaps and detergents, we use proteins and enzymes that effectively gets your carpets cleaner, they stay clean longer, and dry in one to three hours.

All work is guaranteed 100%

Insured, licensed, and bonded.

We Include

  • Moving movable furniture and putting it back

  • Pre-vacuuming

  • Pre-treating for spots and stains

  • Doing a thorough cleaning

  • Grooming the carpet after cleaning

Our cleaning is safe for pets, children, and anyone with allergy problems!

Maintenance Program Available

 We will do touch-ups (spills, spots) between cleanings to make sure carpets stay looking good.

Call for additional details!